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Mendix introduces PLM for Fashion and Retail. The SaaS platform offers a solution for every step of the product lifecycle: product design, production, marketing and sales.

Mendix designed PLM for Fashion and Retail in collaboration with CLEVR. The result is a low-code SaaS solution for product lifecycle management in the fashion industry.

The platform offers tools for 3D designers. Data is centralized from the first design phase onwards. Thereby, all teams, departments and organizations work on the same product in every product lifecycle stage. This applies to metadata (e.g., bills of materials) and actual 3D designs. In theory, an organization never needs to produce physical prototypes to share a design among vendors or employees.

One of the features automatically spins out product images based on 3D designs. Effective for marketeers, as social media and webshop imagery can be produced without photographing a product.

The central data storage allows designers to remotely collaborate on the same product. Furthermore, a product’s metadata can easily be provided to a vendor during the marketing phase. Think of SKUs and dimensions.


An organization does not have to produce clothing until the clothing is actually sold. Material usage is reduced — and so is emission. The solution is available on-demand starting today.

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