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Adobe has introduced a new cloud service called Adobe Product Analytics aimed at helping businesses identify opportunities to improve their applications and websites.

The service has been added to Adobe’s Experience Cloud suite of marketing applications, complementing its existing analytics tools. The launch occurred during the annual Adobe Summit conference in Las Vegas.

In addition to the new service, Adobe unveiled several other offerings, including Firefly, a suite of generative artificial intelligence models. The first model will enable customers to generate images, and stylized fonts based on text prompts.

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Adobe plans to integrate Firefly into several of its software products.

Adobe Product Analytics allows companies to track users’ interactions with their applications and websites. It provides graphs that display high-level metrics, such as the percentage of visitors to an e-commerce website that make a purchase. The service also provides more detailed data.

Amit Ahuja, Senior Vice President of the Adobe Experience Cloud, said, “As Adobe continues to expand Adobe Experience Cloud, we are introducing Product Analytics to deliver insights across online and offline touchpoints, enabling product teams and marketers to coordinate more closely.”

Developers can use Adobe Product Analytics to measure the popularity of an application’s features. For example, the service can indicate if iOS users open a specific section of an app’s interface less often than Android users.

More benefits for developers

After a software team changes one of an application’s features, it can measure whether customers use that feature more or less frequently than before.

Product Analytics will benefit not only developers but also marketing departments. The service can identify which marketing campaigns led users to sign up for an application or website. Companies can adjust their advertising strategy based on the data provided by the service to prioritize the tactics that are most effective in encouraging sign-ups.

Adobe Product Analytics promises to provide more comprehensive insights into the customer journey, enabling businesses to improve their applications and websites, increase customer engagement, and optimize their marketing strategies.