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IBM expands Adobe partnership with AI-powered consulting services

IBM expands Adobe partnership with AI-powered consulting services

IBM and Adobe are expanding their partnership. The two companies seek to “digitally re-invent customer interactions” by leveraging Adobe’s AI solutions.

This week IBM announced plans to expand its longstanding partnership with Adobe. They aim to “help brands successfully accelerate their content supply chains through the implementation of next-generation AI”. The collaboration will centre around Adobe Sensei GenAI services and Adobe Firefly (currently in beta), which is Adobe’s family of creative generative AI models.

IBM Consulting is launching a new portfolio of Adobe consulting services. These should help clients “navigate the complex generative AI landscape, bringing together innovation, technology and design to digitally re-invent customer interactions”, IBM said.

The company will leverage Adobe’s AI-accelerated Content Supply Chain solution and IBM Consulting services to do this. In this way, IBM says the partners can help clients build an integrated content supply chain ecosystem. This “drives collaboration, optimizes creativity, increases speed, automates tasks and enhances stakeholders’ visibility across design and creative projects”.

Building an AI-powered consulting force

Under the expanded partnership, Adobe’s enterprise customers can access IBM Consulting’s army of 21,000 data, AI and experience consultants. These can help businesses effectively implement generative AI models for the design and creative process, including Firefly, which initially focuses on the generation of images and text effects. They can also use Sensei GenAI services, which is a copilot for marketers embedded across Adobe’s enterprise applications. This can help simplify marketing workflows to increase productivity.

IBM Consulting recently announced its Center of Excellence for generative AI, which has more than 1,000 consultants with specialized generative AI expertise. These experts help customers using enterprise-grade AI, including technology from Adobe, IBM and other ecosystem partners.

AI “guardrails” build trust and transparency

Matt Candy, global managing partner, IBM iX Customer & Experience Transformation, highlighted the guiding principle of the partners’ new collaboration. “By expanding our strategic partnership with Adobe, we can help marketers more effectively design AI-powered experiences while establishing appropriate guardrails, so the AI is built on trust and transparency principles to promote brand consistency and integrity.”