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Sage announced a partnership with Square. The partnership aims to integrate Sage’s accounting solutions and Square’s point-of-sale (POS) systems to assist small businesses in making payments using Square.

The new, joint application for Sage customers is available in the Sage marketplace. Transactions completed through Square are uploaded to Sage Accounting daily. This information flows directly into Sage Accounting, simplifying the administration process.

On card transactions of up to £2,000, Square offers free processing. Customers can either choose for the payment to be sent the next business day or immediately. The latter carries extra charges.

Square customers

Sage Accounting offers a simple and streamlined solution to manage your business better than most manual methods. The software provides accountants with quick access to business data. It also helps companies reduce accounting costs by automating bookkeeping processes. Sage accounting is available as a 90-day trial on the Square App.

The integration is beneficial as Sage can expand to a broader audience of Square users that might not have considered a Cloud Accounting solution until now. However, one missing factor is the integration’s availability in the United States and other countries. With the growth in the digital industry, this partnership is expected to bring positive change in the accounting and POS sectors.

Sage Accounting

Sage Accounting automatically updates customers’ books daily. Users gain updated, accurate and easy-to-access data regarding the business’s finances. Customers have the option to integrate POS hardware that supports in-person, cashless, over the phone and online selling.

Furthermore, the software allows users to introduce information and loyalty schemes to further understand customer behaviour. The integration also provides customers with 24/7 access to support through a service by Amaka.

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