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DataCore announced the acquisition of Object Matrix, a company developing object storage solutions for on-premises and cloud. DataCore intends to strengthen its edge storage portfolio.

Object Matrix is popular among media companies and providers. Organizations use its solutions to centrally manage data stored in different sources. Well-known customers include Warner Bros, BBC and NBC Universal.

Object Matrix is now part of DataCore, which provides various solutions for object, block and file storage. DataCore will place Object Matrix in its Perifery portfolio, an offering of software and appliances for storage in edge environments.

DataCore and edge

DataCore has high hopes for the edge. The organization believes that companies will increasingly process data at the source rather than in the cloud.

Object Matrix helps companies do just that. DataCore’s new subsidiary allows data in various storage locations to be managed with a central system.

“Gartner predicts that more than 50 percent of enterprise-managed data will be created and processed at the edge by 2025”, said Abhijit Dey, general manager of DataCore Perifery.

Last year, DataCore expanded its Perifery portfolio with SymplyPerifery, an appliance that allows media companies to archive data from various systems in edge environments.


In addition to object storage, DataCore is expanding in the field of Kubernetes. In May 2022, the organization unveiled DataCore Bolt, a storage platform for containers. Later that year, we discussed the technology in an interview with Pieter van de Burg, senior solutions architect at DataCore.

DataCore Bolt was developed based on OpenEBS MayaStor, an open-source project and one of today’s most popular container storage solutions today. MayaData, the original developer of OpenEBS MayaStor, was acquired by DataCore in 2021. DataCore Bolt is a commercial version of OpenEBS MayaStor.

Tip: 50 percent of your data will soon come from the Edge