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IBM and Cohesity together launch Storage Defender for data protection. The new solution combines features from three IBM storage solutions with Cohesity DataProtect.

Storage Defender is the first in a series of solutions through which IBM is combining its storage, backup and data protection solutions with those of other parties. This is to better provide customers with primary, secondary replication and backup management solutions in a single merged environment.

The Storage Defender solution released with Cohesity uses AI and event monitoring across multiple storage platforms and a single management environment to protect enterprise data. The solution should protect businesses from ransomware, human error and sabotage.

In addition, the solution features a cyber vault and clean room with automated recovery features. This should help companies recover critical data in hours and minutes instead of days.

Cohesity DataProtect platform

The solution consists of four existing solutions from both parties. The first component, the Cohesity DataProtect platform, helps administrators create data backups of on-premises and cloud environments with the central interface.

These backups are designed so that companies can instantly restore them to scale across multiple environments. They can also copy and store data to and across multiple environments. Whether these are onsite or offsite servers and across multiple cloud environments. This ensures an up-to-date and correct data copy is always available in the event of a cyber attack or incident.

IBM components

The other components of Storage Defender come from IBM. The first is IBM Storage Protect. This tool allows administrators to backup and restore physical servers, vm’s and other environments, such as SaaS workloads. With the solution, they can backup a single server up to 4 Petabytes per day and bring in up to 100 TB of new data per day.

All solutions within Storage Defender have the IBM Storage FlashSystem of flash and hybrid storage arrays as their foundation. Especially for the application of the data protection solution developed with Cohesity in on-premises data centers.

These storage arrays thereby feature a logical air gap functionality; FlashSystem Safeguarded Copy. The functionality is designed to counter ransomware attacks. This functionality allows companies to create a non-alterable and removable version of their data when attacked by cybercriminals.

For storing data from container environments, among other things, the fourth and final component is IBM Storage Fusion. This solution provides cloud-based data storage and orchestration for Red Hat OpenShift.

The joint IBM-Cohesity solution IBM Storage Defender should be available in the second quarter of this year.

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