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New SaaS offerings deliver Data Management as a Service and provide increased flexibility.

Cohesity has announced the general availability of its DataProtect delivered as a Service. This SaaS-based offering is part of Cohesity’s comprehensive Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) solution that they announced in October.

The new service gives customers an easy way to back up and protect their on-premises and cloud-based data. To take advantage of this new offering, customers simply sign up fpr the service.

Thousands of customers globally have already deployed Cohesity DataProtect. The company is extending that functionality to customers that want to realize the benefits of the technology through a SaaS model.

Under the new model, Cohesity manages the data infrastructure Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosts the data in the cloud. Amazon is Cohesity’s preferred cloud provider for DMaaS.

SaaS delivery model means reducing complexity and cost

With Cohesity DataProtect as a Service, customers can reduce complexity with Backup as a Service built for the hybrid cloud. This frees up cycles to focus on other critical tasks.

Cohesity says that its SaaS customers will also be able to reduce backup setup to minutes. They can do this by automatically discovering workloads once they establish a secure connection. They then apply either preset or custom policies to begin protection.

The DataProtect SaaS currently supports multiple workloads including VMware workloads and NAS (file data). The company plans to add support for Microsoft 365 and enterprise databases in the coming months.

The new service will also ensure efficient use of available bandwidth, the company says. This will accelerate backups to the cloud and data recovery from the cloud. The added speed comes from only transmitting modified or changed data blocks.

Cohesity says that in the future, customers will have additional ways to derive value from data by taking advantage of AWS cloud-based services.

Such future service additions will help ensure compliance, enhance security, and derive additional insights and business intelligence through ML and analytics,according to the company.

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