InfluxData could still recover data from Belgian customers after ‘sudden’ departure

InfluxData could still recover data from Belgian customers after ‘sudden’ departure

Alarm bells went off for several Belgian organizations at the end of June when they discovered that all their data had been deleted from the InfluxData platform. The company investigated the possibility of recovering the data after many complainted on the company’s forum. The company told us the data is available again, but not all organizations had already retrieved their data.

InfluxData reported in a blog that data from the InfluxDB Cloud from the GCP Belgium region has been restored again. The company made the data available again several weeks after the Belgian region was discontinued.

New InfluxDB Cloud region or new platform

“Users can download the data via an SFTP server,” a company spokesperson told our editors. “From the server, they can transfer the data to a new InfluxDB Cloud region or another platform.”

The recovery process was a joint effort between InfluxData and Google Cloud Platform. Data was deleted immediately after the regions were discontinued, even though many customers appeared to be unaware of this. Customers said they received no notifications, although they were sent out, according to the company. The company did admit that insufficient efforts were made to notify affected customers.

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Our editors were informed that not all Belgian customers have downloaded their data yet. Perhaps send another notification?