Box offers Microsoft 365 Copilot plugin for quick data access

Box offers Microsoft 365 Copilot plugin for quick data access

A Microsoft 365 Copilot plugin is appearing for the Box platform to make it easier to deal with stored files.

Microsoft 365 Copilot is a chatbot that allows users to extract information from files or generate new documents. The chatbot is available in Microsoft’s productivity applications, like Word, Excel and Teams.

Tip: Microsoft wants Copilot everywhere, including in Windows 11

For Box, the chatbot is interesting, especially since it has long been betting on AI within its Content Cloud for similar purposes. For example, Box offers AI capabilities for content creation, retrieval and analysis. The Box AI announced earlier this year combines foundational AI models and stored content, allowing users to extract more value from the content.

Box for Microsoft 365 Copilot

“Imagine having an expert at your fingertips who helps, guides, and protects you while removing content search obstacles or repetitive, mundane tasks,” explains Dawn Lauter, Product Marketing at Box. “The Box plugin will make it easy for customers to leverage the Box Content Cloud through interactions with Microsoft 365 Copilot.”

Previously, users were still spending time finding information in files and folders stored in Microsoft and Box. The new integration should save time by allowing users in Microsoft 365 to request Copilot in Teams to retrieve certain documents stored in the Box platform.

In addition, Microsoft 365 can generate summaries of documents in Teams. If such a summary is inaccurate, users can retrieve specific data from a document.