Microsoft puts an end to unlimited OneDrive storage

Microsoft puts an end to unlimited OneDrive storage

OneDrive for Business will no longer have an unlimited option from now on. Plan 2 is no longer anywhere to be found on the Microsoft page. By default, new users can only access 1TB as a maximum per user. In doing so, the tech giant is next to give short shrift to such an option.

Those who did purchase Subscription 2 are still allowed to make use of it until further notice. Parties such as Google and Dropbox had previously decided to stop offering unlimited storage for Photos and storage for business, respectively. TechRadar found that Microsoft’s option disappeared sometime between July 14 and July 28. While the default maximum per user is 1TB, businesses can choose to expand this to 5TB. Still, of course, the difference between this limit and none at all is a significant one.

Previously a good deal

There are still options for unlimited storage: smaller parties such as and OpenDrive are two examples. However, such an option is becoming increasingly rare, perhaps because it becomes unaffordable for these providers if too many customers choose the unlimited storage offering.

Previously, OneDrive was actually a very good deal in this area. Now, for the very large storage requirements at Microsoft, there is only room for up to 25TB per user after contacting a sales representative. Those who want to go beyond that can only deploy Microsoft’s SharePoint service with individual 25TB locations.

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