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Cohesity is integrating its suite of AI tools with Amazon Bedrock. This should give customers more options for using the underlying AI models. The integration is available in preview immediately.

Cohesity launched its Cohesity Turing portfolio of AI tools for its data protection and management platform earlier this year and is now making it more widely available. This happens through the integration of the suite of AI tools with Amazon Bedrock from AWS.

The tech giant’s AI functionality is used to run certain features of Turing. A possibility to do this is through the various API integrations offered by the AWS Bedrock platform for using (generative) AI models.

Cohesity already has a similar partnership with Google Cloud for integration with its Vertex AI portfolio.

Cohesity Turing features

Cohesity Turing enables administrators to search data from Cohesity’s platform using natural language commands. In addition, the tooling enables users to search data patterns to discover unauthorized use of files, for example.

Furthermore, Turing helps companies implement so-called Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) intelligence. This is an ML technique developed by Meta that business developers use for their AI projects.

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