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Microsoft has updated Fabric, its data analytics platform, with the feature Real-Time Intelligence. With this feature, companies can add, analyze, and take action on data streams in real-time.

During Microsoft’s Build 2024 developer conference, the tech giant announced that its data analytics platform Fabric will help companies perform more actions within their so-called “data estate. The company says the feature can gather information and analyse data to shut down devices and report an error on a payment page.

With the introduction of Real-Time Intelligence in Microsoft Fabric, management teams will get up-to-the-minute specific and recent insights into their data environments, among other things. This data does not need to be pushed to another (analytics) solution first but is available directly from one end-to-end tool. As a result, companies can improve their decision-making processes and, above all, execute them faster, Microsoft claims.

Combining previous tooling

More specifically, Real-Time Intelligence combines two previous supporting solutions for the Fabric platform: Synapse Real-Time Analytics and Data Activator. These services, with five others -Data Factory, Synapse Data Engineering, Synapse Data Science, Synapse Data Warehouse and Power BI- formed the analytics layer within the SaaS data analytics platform.

Real-Time Intelligence helps better retrieve streaming data from Microsoft sources, cloud providers and other third parties. This is done using directly provided connectors. With low-code or rich-code features from Microsoft, companies can later transform these data streams, query them for immediate visual insights or set up actions based on specific events. For example, consider sending an alert when a particular machine overheats.

Other support and Fabric updates

In addition, Real-Time Intelligence is supported by the Real-Time Hub. This is a single location for discovering, managing and consuming all data in motion, including data from IoT-sensors, weblogs and user click-streams, among others.

Microsoft Real-Time Intelligence is still in preview at this stage.

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