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Backup and disaster recovery specialist Zerto has made his Analytics Resource Planner available. This is a planning tool that provides real-time and historical insights into the protection status of apps and data. It also allows companies to automate the handling of future requirements.

The solution is built into the Zerto IT Resilience Platform. This gives users a single interface and experience where they can see their protected data and applications.

The platform has already allowed users to analyse historical data protection and the current status of data protection, but now also offers options for future data protection requirements. That’s what My Tech Decisions writes.

Automate future demand

Zerto Analytics Resource Planner allows users to automate the scaling, scoping and optimization of future demand for on-premises data protection and data protection in the cloud. As a result, business operations are not interrupted.

The tool identifies the recourses required for the user’s data protection strategy, based on the performance of the data center architecture. It looks at the storage and networking resources required to protect data centers and the resources needed to move Zerto-protected virtual machines to the cloud.

The tool analyzes and reports on all virtual machines in each data center to optimize and scale data protection requirements in both on-premises and cloud environments.

IT Resilience Platform

Earlier this year, Zerto announced several other new features for the forthcoming version 7.5 of the IT Resilience Platform. For example, the latest version will be better integrated with long-term repositories, including the HPE SToreOnce Catalyst API.

Version 7.5 should also offer more possibilities for integration with (multi)cloud environments. This applies in particular to the Microsoft Azure and AWS environments.

The Resource Planner was also announced in May. This one is now available. The other updates should also be rolled out in the second half of this year.