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Veeam has launched Veeam Backup for Amazon Web Services (AWS). According to the company, this is a point solution specifically designed for cloud-native Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud protection (Amazon EC2).

The solution features Veeam recovery capabilities and will be exclusively available on AWS Marketplace, both in a free and a paid version. Thanks to the integration with Veeam Backup & Replication, users can manage all their data on the same platform, no matter where the data is stored.

Veeam research shows that 53 percent of customers identify human error as the primary cause of data loss, as well as accidental deletion of data. The new solution should prevent this from happening.

Ease of use

Designed specifically for AWS, the new version of Veeam Backup should make it easier for customers and cloud providers to natively secure, manage and restore their AWS workloads. Veeam also offers the ability to store and restore data in the same cloud (cross-region and cross-account), but also on-premise or in any other Veeam-supported environment. Think of VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V or Nutanix AHV.

Veeam Backup for AWS has turn-key implementation via AWS Marketplace. It also provides file-level recovery for native snapshots and Veeam backups. Cloud Backup Cost Estimator is a built-in tool designed to support cloud computing customers with cost management. By simulating different backup policies, this tool prevents the user from incurring unnecessarily high costs when making the actual backup.

Ratmir Timashev, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing at Veeam, says about the solution: “With Veeam Backup for AWS (…) we (…) make Veeam’s data protection technology available to AWS customers. This makes it easy for them to choose a solution with the same APIs and subscription model as their other software.”