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Heatwaves and storms are increasing humidity levels in Europe and threatening to wreak havoc on data center performance. The weather patterns in Europe, as in many parts of the world, are becoming increasingly volatile.

In a new report by Aggreko, the weather patterns in Europe could introduce serious issues for European data centers.

Heatwaves are occurring more frequently, followed by thunderstorms. This increases the moisture levels in the atmosphere and leads to issues with data center performance.

The report further states that even though some centers use heaters to deal with this issue, the solution does nothing but spread the moisture around, instead of eliminating it.

A clear and present danger

Aggreko proposes the use of dehumidifiers to deal with this issue. According to Ryan Stanley, the Moisture Control Sales and Product Manager in Northern Europe, you do not have to look for too long before seeing some news about a data center under construction.

It is crucial, he says, to ensure that any damage caused by less than ideal temperature and moisture, is dealt with urgently.

After such extreme and volatile weather patterns, data centers are urged to pre-emptively deal with potential damage by investing in the right equipment.

Optimal operations

Data centers are designed to operate optimally at all times. One of the problems that data center operators have to deal with is the issue of energy. It is always commendable to use as little as possible. That is a challenge that most operators address in a variety of ways.

There is a reason why most data centers are built next to large bodies of water. It is easy to regulate the temperature in a data center when you have water nearby. Most centers harness the cooling power of water to ensure that the data center is working optimally.

AI presents a good option for those who need to make improvements in energy consumption control.

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