Redis is now the most popular database within AWS

Redis is now the most popular database within AWS

Redis, an open-source NoSQL database, is currently proving to be the most popular database within Amazon Web Services’ offering. In other cloud providers, the database is a lot lower in the ranks.

The claim is made by Sumo Logic, a company focused on the development of analysis software and with a focus on AWS. Sumo Logic keeps track of 2100 companies, with Redis at number 1 with a share of 28 percent, The Register writes.

The second and third places are occupied by MySQL (23 percent) and PostGreSQL (20 percent) respectively. Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, which are fairly large on other platforms, are in sixth place with a share of 10 percent each.

Oracle in first place elsewhere

This is in stark contrast to the rankings outside AWS. According to DB Engine, Oracle is the most popular database, with MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server in second and third place respectively. Redis ranks seventh, after recently overtaking Elasticsearch.


The Register speculates that Redis’ popularity as a database, a cache, and a message broker in modern cloud architecture explains its high status within AWS. Redis itself stresses that it is no longer primarily a cache, but also a “real database”.

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