Adobe’s new AI tools can track omnichannel and spot anomalies quicker

Adobe’s new AI tools can track omnichannel and spot anomalies quicker

Adobe launched a new series of enhancements for its Customer Journey Analytics tool, utilizing artificial intelligence. The enhancements are supposed to spot anomalies in places like shopping carts and introduce context to solve common problems.

Customer Journey Analytics is part of Adobe Analytics and is designed to compete with other tools from Salesforce. The aim is to become the hub of customer data, using its Experience Platform.

The goal aimed at, when using AI tools, will combine data from repositories like point-of-sale, to call center, to website and apps and even loyalty programs. With tools like these, enterprises can optimize their businesses.

The tools

According to John Bates, the director of product management at Adobe Analytics, enterprises collect data for thousands of metrics. The utilization of these new tools will enable them to sift through mountains of data to get actionable information.

Adobe expanded on the functions and use of these tools via its Sensei AI and machine learning platform.

Here are the details:

Adobe Detection

This enhancement is available for use now and can be found in Customer Journey Analytics. Usually, Adobe Anomaly detection tracked website activity. With the addition of Customer Journey Analytics, enterprises will have a better time tracking the links between different channels like support and mobile apps.

Contribution Analysis

Only the sneak preview is available right now. It brings root causes to the foreground so that businesses can track engagement and the reasons why it falls or rises. Bates said that this tool is meant to democratize the data science needed to connect channels and outcomes.

Intelligent Alerts

The sneak preview is available. The tool should be able to surface insights without necessarily being asked. It is a great way to use website data for omnichannel analysis.