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Apple now requires developers to answer a questionnaire as part of submitting an app or update in app stores across iOS, macOS, iPad, tvOS, and watchOS. Cupertino is currently relying on trust between developers and the company to receive direct reports on their apps’ permissions and actions.

Cupertino asserts that the requirement applies to all developers, including itself. Developers are required to let Apple know when they are collecting information that includes email addresses, phone numbers, names, health and fitness data, or other private information.

In summary, the information is segmented into three parts: data that tracks you, data linked to you, and data not related to you.

The categories

The first category of data consists of data combined across apps or sites for advertising or collecting data from brokers and the linked type is data tied to your user account on an app or device.

Users can deny permissions within the app if they want. The summary forms its basis from the answers the developers provide. Even with this, the existing app preview is separate.

Apple said that it is seeing SDK makers updating their documentation to include private information. Ultimately, the responsibility rests on developers to answer for everything they do.

Tip: Apple to require standardized privacy certifications on all apps

It will be mandatory

By 2021, Apple will start forcing developers to show users the new app tracking permission prompt to gain access. The prompt was first seen in the recent iOS 14 release.

Cupertino also revealed a new privacy policy update on Monday that supposedly complies with European GDPR definitions.

The policy states that Apple treats any data related to identifiable individuals or that is linked to them by the company as personal data, will all be covered. The policy applies to partners and service providers, that include Goldman Sachs.