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The Belgian RTLS provider is collaborating with the analytics firm SAS to streamline product and patient flows in Belgian hospitals.

Gery Pollet, the Belgian serial entrepreneur, has developed an open platform to locate real-time assets in hospitals. By tracking the whereabouts of expensive medical assets, Pollet’s solution helps hospitals save both money and time. Pollet is now founder and managing director of Blyott, the company that delivers the asset tracking platform.

Blyott now wants to use the SAS data analysis to make hospitals’ daily processes even more efficient and cost-effective.

Keeping track of tagged assets in real time

Blyott developed an open cloud platform that operates in combination with sensors and BlueTooth locators to displays the exact location of each tagged asset.

The company has now successfully deployed the platform successfully at Ghent’s Academic Hospital Maria Middelares (AZMM) and around a dozen other hospitals.

However, Blyott is aiming beyond simply locating medical devices. They believe hospitals can analyze and use the collected data to improve their processes. Blyott is also working on a sensor system with wristbands to track patient-related flows. They can also track the health status of patients such as their heart rate. Over time, with analytics hospital and facility operators can extract even smarter insights from these data.

The goal is to improve the process

The combined offering will concentrate on delivering two key elements: data analytics and process improvement. SAS will house their joint development effort with Blyott under the umbrella of their Belgian-based SAS D[N]A Lab. This is the company’s open innovation platform and ecosystem for companies, startups and scale-ups in the Benelux.

“SAS brings us a lot of experience with highly regulated working environments, such as hospitals, that have to comply with laws and regulations,” Pollet explained. As an example, he gave the new European Medical Device Regulation (MDR) that will come into effect on May 26th, 2021 upon request of the European Commission. “SAS is familiar with the challenges involved,” he said.

Arthur de Crook, Director SAS D[N]A Lab, predicted great success for the project. “We believe that the solution Blyott offers contributes to a better use of medical devices and can save hospitals a lot of costs and time,” he declared.