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On Monday, Micro Focus announced a partnership with Snowflake, the data cloud company, to deliver protections centred around data to organizations globally.

The partnership will see the integration of Micro Focus Voltage SecureData with Snowflake to give Voltage customers seamless and secure workload shifting to Snowflake’s platform, without worrying about risking sensitive data or breaching any privacy regulations.

The integration also will help Snowflake’s customers get secure data analytics offered by Voltage SecureData. With Snowflake’s Data Cloud, customers can unify, integrate, analyze and share data previously sitting in silos.

What does this integration deliver?

Previously siloed data can now be accessed using a near-zero management platform that brings almost unlimited scale, performance, and concurrency. Combining Voltage SecureData and Snowflake’s platform results in a cloud-native solution perfect secure cloud analytics at a higher scale than before.

It is a powerful solution that highlights the significance of Voltage SecureData’s deep capabilities in secure analytics across databases, lakes, and silos.

Vikas Jain, the head of Snowflake Security Product Management said that they are excited to partner with Micro Focus to bring Voltage’s encryption capabilities to Snowflake customers.

Micro Focus is majorly focused on expansion

John Delk, the General Manager and senior Veep of Security at Micro Focus said that the company’s global customers deserve the best data security across all major platforms on-premises and in the cloud.

He said that the partnership with Snowflake would expand the leadership both companies hold in security analytics and provide customers with more options for their data protection needs. Besides, he said that Micro Focus looks forward to expanding the “addressable markets” and give customers what they want, through this integration.

The companies’ customers will be able to leverage expanded options and hopefully get more protections in an increasingly dangerous cyber landscape.