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Micro Focus launches tools for deeper DevSecOps integration

Micro Focus launches tools for deeper DevSecOps integration

Micro Focus introduces tools to its CyberRes portfolio that allow developers to more directly apply automated DevSecOps and security to their application development process.

The addition of Micro Focus’ Fortify Scan pipe and FortifyToolInstaller offers developers the ability to dynamically install various Fortify tools into existing CI/CD pipelines. Among other things, automated static application security testing (SAST) capabilities were enhanced. According to Micro Focus, the user experience for developers stands to benefit.

More integration of security in application development

The tools focus primarily on a deeper integration of security into everything-as-a-code solutions without compromising the quality of code and applications.

To this end, the new tools include automated workflows for DevSecOps to integrate existing processes. These capabilities include integration with any CI/CD system like AWS CodeStar, BitBucket Pipelines, Github Actions and GitLab Pipelines.


The solutions provide developers with capabilities such as out-of-the-box pipeline integration and adding orchestration to any container through existing CI/CD pipelines. In addition, developers can scan raw code during the development process and prioritize SAST scan results. This allows developers to more quickly resolve key vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, the tools provide the ability to solicit feedback directly from the Fortify platform for better results and coverage.