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The company is looking to leverage its channel partners to reach enterprise customers in industries “far and wide.”

This week chipmaker Nvidia reported record revenue for the first quarter ended May 2, 2021, of $5.66 billion, up 84 percent from a year earlier and up 13 percent from the previous quarter, with record revenue from the company’s Gaming, Data Center and Professional Visualization platforms.

“We had a fantastic quarter, with strong demand for our products driving record revenue,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA.

“Our Data Center business continues to expand, Huang boasted. “As the world’s industries take up NVIDIA AI to process computer vision, conversational AI, natural language understanding and recommender systems. NVIDIA RTX has reinvented computer graphics and is driving upgrades across the gaming and design markets.

“Our partners are launching the largest-ever wave of NVIDIA-powered laptops. Across industries, the adoption of NVIDIA computing platforms is accelerating. “Mellanox, one year in, has exceeded our expectations and transformed NVIDIA into a data-center-scale computing company.

“From gaming, cloud computing, AI, robotics, self-driving cars, to genomics and computational biology, NVIDIA continues to do impactful work to invent a better future,” he said.

Enterprise AI is the next big thing, according to Huang

On an earnings call this week, Huang detailed his company’s high expectations for Enterprise AI. “This is a really large endeavor and the early indications of it are really exciting,” he said. He noted that the company’s data center business is more than 50 percent vertical industry enterprises already.

“And by creating this easy-to-adopt and easy-to-integrate stack, it’s going to allow them to move a lot faster,” he predicted.

Huang pointed out that Nvidia’s channel partners are integral to selling the company’s new solutions. These include the Nvidia AI Enterprise software suite as well as the EGX server platform that runs the software. This stands in contrast to Nvidia’s cloud service provider business, which is based on direct sales, he added. The company’s channel partners include value-added resellers and system integrators,

“For enterprises, there are thousands, industries far and wide,” Huang said. “And so we now have a great stack and a great software stack that allows us to take it to the world’s market so that everybody could buy more and save more.”