NetApp brings ONTAP updates to simplify hybrid Cloud Data Management

NetApp brings ONTAP updates to simplify hybrid Cloud Data Management

NetApp announced that they are updating their ONTAP data management software to expand its features and capabilities to simplify and centralize data administration within hybrid cloud environments.

What’s included in the updates?

NetApp Inc.’s ONTAP data management software is updated to introduce new features and capabilities, centralizing and simplifying data administration to work as a hybrid cloud strategy.

NetApp has also stated that other products powered by ONTAP, such as StorageGRID and FlexPod, are also being updated. NetApp usually sells data storage hardware. However, after intense pressure building up by public cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services Inc., they have shifted their focus on their data management software in the past couple of years.

They are now following a “cloud-first” strategy, seeking to unify how public and on-premises cloud environments are managed to allow their customers access to their data no matter where it is.

NetApp’s General Manager of the Foundational Data Services Unit and Senior Vice President Kim Stevenson believes that a hybrid cloud strategy is essential for organizations that want to stay on top of the growth and complexity of distributed data and applications. The right approach can help them thrive despite uncertainty and compete in the digital economy.

What does it mean for the end-user?

This new release will eradicate the complex storage procedure for their hybrid cloud to holistically enhance the user experience. The updated ONTAP will enable ease of manageability surrounding the cloud model, which IT administrators prefer most.

Steven McDowell, an analyst at Moors, states that “NetApp has delivered an update that contains much-needed work in simplifying the management experience, data protection capabilities, and overall performance. NetApp’s customers are going to really appreciate what the company is delivering here. Storage can be complex, but we’re seeing very real trends around simplifying the experience.”

Tip: NetApp wants to make its operating system ONTAP Kubernetes-native