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“Box Shuttle” can help businesses with less than 10TB of data to do the migration for free on a self-service basis

Box this week free launched a suite of self-service tools for its Shuttle migration service. The new tools are making their debut on;ly four months after the company revamped its Shuttle offering. The new Shuttle service aims to make it easier, faster, and less costly to migrate large amounts of content from legacy systems to the Box Content Cloud.

Box has now taken the development one step further, to offer a completely free self-service model for the Box Shuttle service platform. Box launched the Shuttle service in 2016. The platform offers enterprises a mix of data-migration tools from Box’s consulting unit. The service includes planning and strategy, content analysis and lifecycle assessment, and permission and attribute matching. In the past four months, Box said it has seen more than a 50% jump in managed migration projects. 

Who qualifies for the free service?

Tamar Bercovici, Box Core Content vice president of engineering, detailed the new offering in a blog post this week. “Moving to the cloud has been a priority for many organizations, but the path has been difficult,” she writes. “The cost and complexity of migrating content has been a huge roadblock. With a large amount of content decentralized and residing in diverse file shares and legacy systems, businesses struggle to realize value from their content.”

Box customers have the opportunity to move up to ten terabytes of content through Box Shuttle for free, she writes. They just need to meet the following conditions:

  • Current source systems: Network file shares, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and SharePoint Online
  • Permissions mapping requirements: Existing user-based permissions are sufficient; Box Shuttle standard tooling identifies incompatibilities and provides pre-defined rules to modify in-flight
  • Metadata migration requirements: Content only contains simple metadata (e.g., file and folder names, size, created and modified dates) 

Larger organizations can still benefit from Box Shuttle, Bercovici adds. With Box Shuttle’s advanced tooling, customers can move all of this content to Box for only $500 per terabyte.

“The digital content revolution is here,” Bercovici concludes. “File shares and mediocre tools no longer get the job done, and organizations that don’t make the jump are at risk of falling behind,” she argues. “Now, with content migration technology available to any Box customer, Box Shuttle is the lowest-cost, complete content migration program in the market.”