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The survey revealed the most popular programming languages, web frameworks, databases, and cloud platforms, among other choices.

Stack Overflow recently published their latest developer survey, which highlighted the overwhelmingly large share occupied by Microsoft Development tools.

The technology section can help determine the trends for programming languages and platforms. For example, Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio occupy 71.06% and 33.03% market share, showing a more significant percentage since the previous survey.

Developers crowned JavaScript, GitHub, and AWS as the winners, while other platforms like IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, and Android Studio also showed marginal gains. Overall, all IDEs showed an increase in usage compared to the 2019 survey.

JavaScript remained the most popular programming language with 65% of the share, followed by Python at 44.1%, and Java down to 35.35%.

The results showed that most programming languages are dreaded more than loved, including popular Java, PHP, and C.

The state of databases according to the survey

For databases, PostgreSQL rose to the top with 40.42% of the votes, while both Microsoft SQL server at 26.87% and Oracle at 12.61% showed a decline in popularity.

React gained the most percentage points in usage among web frameworks, while other platforms like ASP.NET dropped ratings.

Stack Overflow introduced cloud platform sections, with the results showing Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft with 31.05% and 30.77% votes, with AWS at 54.22% votes.

25.32% of developers reported using Linux primarily, while 45.3% preferred Microsoft, and 25.19% preferred macOS. Professional developers prefer Mac over Linux, however.

Where everyone gets help

An overwhelmingly large percentage of 89.69% of respondents reported using Google when stuck, while 79.96% reported using Stack Overflow. Around 83,439 developers from 181 countries completed this survey, up from 65,000 in 2020. In addition, 69.7% of the respondents classified themselves as professional developers.