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JetBrains Survey: JavaScript is the king of programming languages

JetBrains Survey: JavaScript is the king of programming languages

JavaScript is still considered the most widely used programming language among developers, with Python firmly in second place and ahead of Java. This news comes from a large survey conducted by developer tools maker JetBrains.

According to the developers’ survey, JavaScript was used by 69% of all respondents in the last 12 months and 39% opted for it as their main programming language.

JetBrains is a Czech-based tech company that makes the official Android app programming language, Kotlin, and other products like IntelliJ IDEA (a Java tool).

How the languages stack up

In its State of Developer Ecosystem 2021 report, the company based its conclusions on answers collected from 31,743 developers, most of whom are professional and actively working. The survey reveals that Python is more popular than Java in overall usage.

52% of devs reported using Python this year, compared to 49% who said they opted for Java.

In 2020, the numbers were 55% for Java and 54% for Python. However, it appears that Java is more favoured than Python as a primary language, with 32% saying that they use Java, compared to 29% for Python.

What’s next?

Next year, developers have reported among languages they want to learn: Python, Microsoft’s JavaScript superset, Google-made Go, and TypeScript.

JavaScript leads the pack of the top ten programming languages. Here is how they rank in descending order: JavaScript, HTML/CSS, SQL, Python, Java, Shell scripting language, PHP, TypeScript, C++, and C#. 

The remaining languages in the top 20 (in no particular order) include MATLAB, Kotlin, C, Ruby, Swift, Groovy, Dart, Rust, and GraphQL. The languages growing the fastest include Python, TypeScript, Kotlin, SQL, and Go.

Another interesting fact is that 80% of developers now work from home, compared to 70% pre-pandemic. Read the report here for more information.