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Kotlin 2.0 programming language officially released: new, faster foundation

Kotlin 2.0 programming language officially released: new, faster foundation

JetBrains has officially released Kotlin 2.0. The programming language is important for Android because it was chosen by Google as the preferred language for the operating system.

Developers of Android apps will have a new working environment, now JetBrains officially released the second version of Kotlin. For Kotlin 2.0, the first version was completely forgotten, and JetBrains worked out a new concept. Developers can, therefore, expect many new things.

The new programming language concept should improve performance and increase developers’ productivity. “The new compiler architecture is built to allow us to develop the language much more easily. We can introduce new features faster and in a consistent and platform-independent way,” JetBrains adds.

Android preferred language

Kotlin, meanwhile, was running at version 1.9.20. So, the version number shows that JetBrains did continue to tinker with the programming language. That tinkering is done for 2 million developers, mainly developers who develop on Android. The programming language is also used for multiplatform development, an example of this is Minecraft.

For multiplatform development, JetBrains improved the tooling for Kotlin Multiplatform. This platform allows developers to reuse code on different system environments. Specifically, code can be shared across web, desktop, iOS, Android and between different servers.

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