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Oracle NetSuite announces the availability of NetSuite Analytics Warehouse. The addition to NetSuite’s portfolio promises a provision of all the necessities for pattern recognition in data from both NetSuite and third-party apps, aiming to ultimately enable users to make more effective decisions and find new revenue streams.

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse serves as an extension of the existing NetSuite SuiteAnalytics. Whereas SuiteAnalytics lends itself to analyzing data generated by NetSuite software, Analytics Warehouse enables users to leverage both NetSuite and third-party data.

The solution automatically connects to users’ NetSuite environments through prebuilt, secure data pipelines. NetSuite states that data transfer can begin within minutes of connecting, alleviating the challenges inherent to manual data integration with warehouse solutions.

Connectors and KPIs

The organization adds that both structured and unstructured data from third-party software can be imported. With standard connectors and more than 25 prebuilt connectors for platforms such as Google Analytics, Salesforce and Dropbox, coding is not a hard requirement for usage.

KPIs and metrics are extensively configurable. The solution also comes with several pre-configured KPIs, promising to enable every employee to analyze company data, whether technically inclined or not.

Through built-in machine learning, NetSuite hopes to facilitate accurate predictions and a better understanding of perceived trends.

“Manually collecting and analyzing data from spreadsheets and multiple analytics solutions causes time constraints, errors and delayed decision making”, says Evan Goldberg, EVP of Oracle NetSuite. “NetSuite Analytics Warehouse provides a prebuilt solution for a faster response to changing customer needs and new opportunities.”

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