AWS integrates Greengrass and Systems Manager for IoT device management

AWS integrates Greengrass and Systems Manager for IoT device management

Amazon integrates AWS IoT Greengrass with AWS Systems Manager. Organizations using Greengrass to provide edge devices with cloud functionality are now able to quickly manage software updates and device configurations with Systems Manager.

Amazon shares the news at conference AWS re:Invent. AWS IoT Greengrass was launched in 2016 to provide IoT devices with cloud-connected ML, data management and processing functionality. Greengrass is a so-called edge runtime, intended to allow data to be collected and manipulated closer to the source.

Greengrass does not provide the management of the operating systems and software on which the runtime runs. Organizations that use the service regularly roll out Greengrass on large numbers of devices. Updating and securing these devices’ software and operating systems is done manually, via self-developed automation tools or third-party software. Amazon hopes to change the latter with the integration of Greengrass and AWS Systems Manager.

The workings of IoT Greengrass.

How and why?

One of the capabilities in AWS Systems Manager is fleet management: the centralized management of servers and devices at the edge. The new integration of AWS Systems Manager and IoT Greengrass makes it possible to access and manage devices with IoT Greengrass through AWS Systems Manager.

Systems Manager operates on an agent basis. Users of Systems Manager and IoT Greengrass are immediately able to deploy the agent on the desired devices via the Greengrass console. Resultingly, the devices pop up in the Systems Manager console. Operating systems updates and device configuration can be performed remotely.

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