Snowflake invests in Collibra to stimulate integrations

Snowflake invests in Collibra to stimulate integrations

Snowflake recently participated in an investment round for Collibra, a Belgian data governance specialist. Snowflake hopes to achieve further integration of its platform and Collibra’s technology.

Snowflake’s investment arm (Snowflake Ventures) and other investors participated in the round. Collibra managed to raise a total of 220 million euros ($250 million). This ups the total value of the Belgian data specialist to 4.6 billion euros.

Snowflake primarily invested in hopes of expanding its existing collaboration with Collibra. As an ‘Elite’ partner, Collibra is part of the recently launched Data Governance Program. The program is designed to stimulate integrations of the Snowflake platform and partners’ services.

Further integration

The integration focuses on the Snowflake Data Cloud and Collibra’s Data Intelligence Cloud. The latter platform provides customers with a centralized environment for data governance, data privacy, a data catalogue, the entire data cycle and data quality. Snowflake Data Cloud offers a platform for enriching, storing and analyzing data. Collibra allows users to automatically retrieve technical metadata from the Snowflake platform, add various insights from data owners and monitor the entire data cycle.

The parties want to collaboratively develop products that facilitate data cycles and object tagging, allowing customers to create their own tags and link them to various data objects. According to Snowflake and Collibra, this increases insights and provides more opportunities for tracking objects throughout the data cycle.

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