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Databricks recently introduced Lakehouse for Healthcare and Life Sciences. The platform allows the healthcare industry to better leverage data for analytics and AI.

With the introduction of Lakehouse for Healthcare and Life Sciences, Databricks wants to expand the role of data in business operations and research within the healthcare industry.

Ultimately, data scientists and engineers should be able to research more efficiently. For this purpose, the platform uses combinations of analytics accelerators and open source libraries, such as Glow for genetic research.

Data-intensive projects

The solutions help develop models for predicting disease risks. Furthermore, pathology can be digitally classified to, for example, analyze thousands of MRI results for automated detection of metastases.

Other applications include Natural Language Processing for analyzing unstructured texts for oncology research, monitoring drug safety and anonymizing medical data.

In addition, the Databricks Lakehouse for Healthcare and Life Sciences provides interoperability with Lovelytics’ solutions for automated processing of streaming FHIR data. Finally, Databricks is collaborating with ZS on biomedical research to improve precision medicine biomarkers.

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