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Snowflake is tailoring its data platform to healthcare providers. Snowflake Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud should make it easier for healthcare providers to collaborate on data and analytics

The new Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud platform allows healthcare organizations to store and process dispersed data in a single cloud-based environment. Among other things, the introduction allows multiple parties to centralize, integrate and share privacy-sensitive data. Snowflake’s technology adds various security and management solutions.

The platform offers healthcare institutions an integrated marketplace for retrieving (medical) data from third parties. For this purpose, the platform combines services of health data providers such as IQVIA, SameSky Health and PrecisionXtract.

In addition, the platform supports the various types of data and formats commonly used within the healthcare industry. Snowflake Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud platform can handle large amounts of unstructured data. Data lakes can be imported into the platform as external tables. Snowflake indicates that it will continue expanding the functionality until data lakes are processed as typical workloads.

All eyes on healthcare

Snowflake isn’t the only data specialist keen on serving the healthcare sector. Competitor Databricks recently launched its Lakehouse for Healthcare and Life Sciences environment. The solution allows healthcare organizations to better leverage data for analytics and AI.