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Talend has acquired Gamma Soft, a market innovator in data capturing.

Gamma Soft has been bought by Talend, a global leader in data integration and management. Customers will benefit from integrating Gamma Soft’s enterprise-class change data capture solutions, which will help them streamline their data modernization initiatives.

Many firms nowadays rely on shaky, hand-coded connectors or a plethora of data management technologies.

Data professionals will have redundant capabilities across integration, replication, modeling, preparation, quality, cataloging, and governance with Talend and Gamma Soft.

Benefits of acquisition

Gamma Soft, a startup that enables enterprises to track and copy altered data in actual time to a specific destination from a source without having to extract the complete data set, has been acquired by Talend.

This method has several advantages, such as streamlining and speeding up cloud data migration initiatives and delivering real-time business intelligence.

Data experts will be able to tackle more use cases with the combo of Talend and Gamma Soft. Data professionals are likely to tackle more cases that demand support for rapidly changing data quicker and more conveniently than ever before on a single end-to-end solution.

Talend CEO’s stance

“We are delighted to welcome Gamma Soft to Talend. Gamma Soft complements our product line by expanding our already extensive integration capabilities and providing new capability for enabling enhanced, real-time business intelligence. It also broadens the value we offer customers by assisting them in fast establishing, continuously monitoring, and easily optimizing enterprise-wide data health.” stated Talend CEO Christal Bemont.

Gamma Soft’s solution will enable customers to quickly capture and analyze changing data for analysis in the cloud, hybrid, or multi-cloud implementations. “Joining Talend will prove to be ideal from a cultural and product perspective for Gamma Soft, and for our potential clients” Véronique Goussard, general manager, Gamma Soft.