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Google Cloud’s BigQuery now features Automatic Data Loss Prevention (Automatic DLP). The functionality allows users to more easily find, classify and protect sensitive data that would otherwise be scattered across all cloud environments.

According to the cloud giant, Automatic DLP helps centrally manage sensitive data that would otherwise be decentralised. It can also prevent employees from unexpectedly moving data when managing large amounts of workloads. The latter has major implications for data privacy and compliance.


In addition, the functionality helps automate big data processes that are often still carried out manually. This, in turn, prevents errors that may be detrimental to privacy and compliance.

Automatic DLP constantly scans data throughout the organization to provide insights into what data is stored and processed where. According to Google Cloud, these insights create awareness among end users. Once more, the latter promotes privacy and compliance.

Tools, templates and integrations

In addition, Google Cloud offers other tools and templates to facilitate Automatic DLP. For example, the functionality allows users to determine the conditions for profiling the data. Additionally, there are several templates for Google Data Studio. These templates provide users with a summary of their data environments and allow easy access to graphical testing tools.

Furthermore, Automatic DLP can be integrated into Chronicle, Google’s security analytics service. The service now automatically synchronises the risk score of each table in Google BigQuery.

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