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Antitrust regulators approved Oracle’s acquisition of Cerner. Oracle will pay $28.3 billion (€26.5 billion) for the medical technology provider’s shares.

The Cerner acquisition was announced at the end of last year, but still required approval from antitrust authorities. Recently, Oracle received the green light from the European Commission, which removes a major obstacle.

Now, the deal depends on whether Cerner’s shareholders agree to sell their shares to Oracle. Oracle is prepared to pay $95 (€89) per share.

Benefits for Oracle

The Cerner acquisition will give Oracle a firm foothold in the medical sector. The company supplies software with which hospitals can store and analyze their medical files and related data. Healthcare is seen as one of the fastest-growing markets in the coming years. Cerner should bring a lot of money into Oracle’s coffers.

Oracle is already active on the healthcare market. Some of its tools help insurers, healthcare providers and the public healthcare sector to improve efficiency and patient care through data.

Future plans

In the near future, Oracle wants to link its software to Cerner’s portfolio. Oracle Autonomous Database, APEX low-code development tools and a voice-activated user interface should further modernize Cerner’s current systems.

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