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As reported by The Wall Street Journal, Oracle is about to close an acquisition for over 26 billion euros ($30 billion) — the largest in its history. The target is medical data analytics specialist Cerner.

According to The Wall Street Journal’s sources, negotiations for the purchase of Cerner are already at an advanced stage. The value of Cerner is estimated at around 20 billion euros ($23 billion). The bonus for the acquisition brings the total amount to over 26 billion euros ($30 billion).

More presence in the medical sector

With the acquisition of Cerner, Oracle gains a solid foothold in the medical sector. Cerne supplies software for storing and analyzing medical files and related data.

Oracle is already quite active with its solutions for the healthcare market. For example, its various tools help insurers, healthcare providers and the public healthcare sector to use data to improve efficiency and achieve better results for patients.


According to analysts, the record acquisition should also help Oracle capture more market share in the public cloud, especially when it comes to storage and data analytics solutions. Oracle was somewhat late to implement these services and is now lagging behind hyperscalers such as AWS and Google.

Nevertheless, Oracle’s catching up by pursuing a differentiated strategy in recent years, integrating its hardware and software more, investing heavily in the latest cloud technology and implementing an equivalent end experience for all its applications.

Tip: Oracle brings cloud to where its customers are