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MariaDB and Qlik teamed up to provide solutions for migrating data from legacy databases to MariaDB’s modern database products.

The collaboration aims to improve data transfers from legacy database environments. Data can be housed in MariaDB Enterprise Servers, MariaDB Xpand distributed SQL databases or the MariaDB SkySQL cloud-based database service.

According to MariaDB, its database systems are capable of outperforming legacy databases at a fraction of the cost. The partnership with Qlik focuses on providing continuous integration and replication of synchronized data between on-premises, hybrid and cloud environments.

Joint technology

MariaDB contributes to the partnership by providing a commercial version of its open-source MariaDB database environment and other database solutions. Qlik provides technology for data integration, such as change data capture. The technology reviews and replicates data changes from a target dataset in near real time. Other Qlik technology includes data analytics pipelines and data lineage for rapidly delivering analytical data.

Collaboration benefits

Both vendors claim that the joint technology allows customers to build applications more easily and monitor application performance in real time. In addition, customers should be able to cut data analytics costs due to the elimination of legacy database licenses. It also allows them to more easily deploy data replications for compliance reasons or higher availability during migration processes.

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