DataCore unveils OpenEBS Mayastor 2.0

DataCore unveils OpenEBS Mayastor 2.0

DataCore shed light on OpenEBS Mayastor 2.0, the upcoming release of its container attached storage solution for Kubernetes.

OpenEBS Mayastor was acquired by DataCore in November 2021. Organizations use the container attached storage (CAS) solution to provision storage for Kubernetes. OpenEBS Mayastor is one of the most popular CAS solutions today.

Mayastor’s team is currently working on the release of version 2.0. Although the release date is unknown, DataCore recently unveiled some of the upcoming features.

OpenEBS Mayastor 2.0

Mayastor 2.0 introduces a series of new high-availability redundancy options. “These enhancements from DataCore are designed to prevent data loss by intelligently routing data around failed IO paths”, the organization said. Furthermore, the release allows admins to apply thin provisioning (TP) to Kubernetes storage volumes. As a result, containers more efficiently use available storage unexpectedly scaled up or down.

DataCore emphasized that the release is designed for edge environments. That’s where Mayastor is gaining popularity, according to the organization. “OpenEBS adoption is entering a hyper-growth phase, increasing more than 400 percent to 4.5 million K8s volumes provisioned in the third quarter of 2022 – which is impressively up from a fraction of that a 12 months ago”, said Mike Turnlund, head of field operations for containerized storage, DataCore Software. “Its popularity is rapidly expanding to clusters in edge environments.”

Container attached storage

Kubernetes makes it possible to deploy, scale and manage containers. Unlike virtual machines, containers can use a common operating system to reduce resource consumption. Like virtual machines, containers require a storage resource. Kubernetes environments often run on external block storage or file storage systems. A new approach has been gaining ground in recent years.

Container attached storage (CAS) allows organizations to deploy storage as containers in Kubernetes clusters. The storage containers are deployable in the same Kubernetes pods and clusters as the containers that depend on them. As a result, CAS can offer higher speed and lower latency than traditional, external storage systems.

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