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Fujitsu halts production of PCs, notebooks and workstations in Europe

Fujitsu halts production of PCs, notebooks and workstations in Europe

Fujitsu will say goodbye to its PC business in Europe. The generally declining sales of laptops and desktops, make the business uninteresting.

Fujitsu will no longer produce PCs, notebooks, workstations and other accessories in Europe from April 2024. These products will also no longer be sold in Europe. The Japanese company does promise to accept warranty dates and maintenance obligations for all Client Computing Devices (CCD) products. Parts will remain available for another five years. So reports German IT Business based on an interview.

The decision was made as sales of desktops and laptops are returning to normal levels. During the pandemic, mandatory home working created record numbers and Fujitsu benefited from that, despite already struggling to finance its PC business. It had previously entered into a joint venture with Lenovo for that reason.

Greener approach

However, not all divisions will close; everything around data center products will remain. The focus will be on platform-related data center technologies and on-premises infrastructure services. The partner program will also evolve in the same direction. This aligns with a broader goal set by Fujitsu: sustainability through digital innovation.

Last year we interviewed Davy van Iersel, managing director of Fujitsu Netherlands. It became clear that the company wants to focus more on sustainability in the future. Starting in 2030, the company wants to offer various solutions in line with this theme.