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HMD Global pioneers smartphone production in Europe

HMD Global pioneers smartphone production in Europe

HMD Global will start producing 5G Nokia smartphones in Hungary. This makes the manufacturer the first smartphone supplier worldwide to start a production line in Europe.

The Nokia smartphone production line started by HMD Global in Hungary is an important milestone in the smartphone industry as it brings the first smartphone production to Europe. Other manufacturers now manufacture their smartphones only in Asia.

According to the manufacturer, the reason for launching European production is that business customers in the region are paying increasing attention to security and more environmentally conscious manufacturing processes.

Security and privacy requirements

With the arrival of European production, the manufacturer promises to focus more on security and privacy for European business end customers. Examples include expanding collaboration opportunities with third-party security providers and moving data storage to HMD Global servers in Finland, which means the data does not leave the EU. The latter initiative, HMD Global, already started in 2019, the smartphone manufacturer points out.

Of course, the new production line also means the EU successfully attracts tech companies to the region. This is especially important in wanting to become less dependent on tech production in other world regions.

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Nokia XR21 production

More specifically, HMD Global is going to produce the Nokia XR21 in Hungary. This is a business-like, rugged 5G smartphone. Among other things, the smartphone is entirely manufactured from recycled aluminium and, according to the manufacturer, offers up to 60 percent more battery charges than other smartphones offer.

Nokia xperia z1 - samsung xperia z1 samsung.

The Nokia XR21 European Edition Black costs 649 euros and will soon go on sale in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Finland, among other countries.