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Repairable Nokia G42 5G unveiled in partnership with iFixit

Repairable Nokia G42 5G unveiled in partnership with iFixit

HMD Global has unveiled the Nokia G42 5G. Since phones are fragile, the company has teamed up with iFixit to make an easy repair possible. It also claims a battery life of 3 days and has a modest price tag at 249 euros.

The right-to-repair movement has been advocating the widespread adoption of replaceable components and easy repair options for years. Meanwhile, there are some parties that are responding to this. For example, there’s the Fairphone, which, in return for a somewhat high price for its specifications, offers a reasonably modular device that can be maintained on a sustainable basis. Also, in the portable computing world, there is the Framework laptop, which also offers each component separately.


For the Nokia G42, iFixit has been brought in to shape its QuickFix repair capabilities. Thus, “cracked screens, bent charging ports and old batteries” can be replaced by the end user. In addition, HMD Global provides a repair guide and it offers elements for replacement starting at 19.95 euros.

Its introductory colour is “So Purple.” CMO of HMD Global Lars Silberbauer speaks positively about the look, adding, “It also builds on our path to repairability that is now a fundamental part of how we design smartphones.”


The power behind the G42 5G is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 480+ 5G Mobile Platform. HMD Global talks about a 50-megapixel camera, although photo quality is usually defined more by software quality rather than the raw MP total. In that regard, they promise clear photos based on “smart AI technology.”

The screen measures 6.56 inches and has HD+ resolution, although we have not yet received the exact height and width figures in pixels. In terms of RAM, there is 6GB present. The storage capacity is 128GB.


In terms of software support, Samsung is currently leading the Android world, with four years of support for the latest Android versions and five years of security updates. However, this applies mainly to flagships. With the G42, this is a lot less impressive: three years of security, and two years of OS upgrades. Certainly a point for improvement, since software relevance is almost as important to the survival of a smartphone as hardware functionality.

However, anyone not satisfied with the 80 percent of original capacity after 800 full charges can purchase a new battery for 24.95 euros. A display mishap can lead to a replacement for 49.95 euros.

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