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Xiaomi launches its own electric car

Xiaomi launches its own electric car

Xiaomi co-founder Lei Jun recently introduced the company’s first electric vehicle (EV): the SU7. With it, the smartphone maker aims to compete with Tesla and Porsche.

The now-introduced SU7-EV is primarily the brainchild of Xiaomi co-founder Lei Jun, Bloomberg writes. Still, the car will be marketed under the flag of the smartphone maker.

Shaking up the market

By launching an electric car, Lei Jun says he wants to show that Xiaomi can now shake up the electric car market, after doing so in the smartphone market a decade ago. The company had invested about $10 billion to develop an EV by 2021.

However, to build electric cars, Xiaomi will have to comply with new regulations set by the Chinese government for new entrants. To produce its electric cars, the company has therefore partnered with the also Chinese Beijing Automotive Group, which already has the proper paperwork in place.

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SU7 features

For those interested, the now presented Xiaomi SU7-EV is a five-door sedan that will be available in three versions. Its names happen to be fairly similar to the names Apple puts on iPhones: the SU7, SU7 Pro and the SU7 Max. The maximum range of the car is as much as 800 kilometers based on a full battery. This, of course, depends on weather conditions.

The car’s top speed is 265 kilometers per hour. Its acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h should be at 2.78 seconds.

Above all, the new car should compete with the established Tesla, but also, for example, with a high-end brand like Porsche. The Xiaomi SU7 will still only be available in China starting in 2024.