Tesla is going to build its own datacenters

Tesla is going to build its own datacenters

Tesla appears to want to build its own data centers to its own specifications. Spurring this thought is a recent job ad for a senior data center specialist from the U.S. electric car manufacturer.

The said job ad, writes The Register, asks for a “Sr. Engineering Program Manager, Data Centers”. This person must lead the construction of Tesla’s first in-house data centers from its headquarters. This includes the entire process from design to actual construction.

Experience building data centers

The electric car manufacturer wants candidates who have extensive technical experience in data center design, infrastructure systems and distribution functionality. This should ensure that the development of data center environments meets the electric car manufacturer’s basic values. Supervisory experience is also a plus.

Possible reasons

According to The Register, it is not clear from the ad why Tesla wants to build its own data centers. Possibly to process and store all the data from the electronic sensors in the cars. Tesla is also said to be working on a supercomputer to enhance this software for autonomous driving. For the latter functionality, the manufacturer is said to already have a computer with 5,760 GPUs at work. Data centers running mostly on GPUs would need fewer servers.

Finally, the data centers should help develop and manage human-like robots that Tesla founder and tech entrepreneur Elon Musk wants to develop.

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