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A sovereign AI infrastructure is required to take advantage of the economic potential and protect culture, argues Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang.

“You cannot allow other people to do that,” Huang said during a session at the World Government Summit. In early February, Huang also expressed his views on the importance of sovereign infrastructure. France and Canada, among others, are alive to the discussion about their AI capabilities. “Their natural resource – data – should be refined and produced for their country. The recognition of sovereign AI capabilities is global,” observes the Nvidia CEO.

Huang also indicated at the World Government Summit that Nvidia is democratizing access to AI through rapid efficiency gains in AI computing. “The rest of it is really up to you to take initiative, activate your industry, build the infrastructure, as fast as you can.”

Sovereign infrastructure can also be an interesting option for privacy reasons, as data remains safe in one’s own country.


During the session, Huang also responded to the fears surrounding AI in society. Some people fear AI is a dangerous technology that could turn against humans. According to the Nvidia CEO, the concerns are exaggerated because previously new technologies and industries have been successfully regulated. “There are some interests to scare people about this new technology, to mystify this technology, to encourage other people to not do anything about that technology and rely on them to do it. And I think that’s a mistake,” Huang said.

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