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Dell presents AI-powered headsets WH5024 and WL5024

Dell presents AI-powered headsets WH5024 and WL5024

Dell Technologies presents a new range of headsets. The new offerings utilize AI technology “from head to toe.”

The company is introducing two new headsets in both wired and wireless versions. The Dell Pro wireless ANC headset (WL5024) and the wired variant (WH5024) feature AI-powered microphones and advanced noise-cancelling (ANC).

AI: all unwanted noise eliminated

The AI functionality in these headsets has benefits for both the wearer themselves and conversational partners. For example, the AI-powered microphone eliminates noise, so the user’s voice should be easily intelligible even in crowded environments. Meanwhile, the Pro WL5024 and Pro WH5024 also deliver noise-cancelling that optimally reduces environmental sounds. That includes both feedforward and feedback ANC, resulting in a wider frequency range.

Een paar zwarte hoofdtelefoons op een witte achtergrond.
The Dell Pro WL5024 model. Source: Dell Technologies

Furthermore, a sensor notices if the headset is actually being worn, so ANC is only on when it is needed. Dell says ergonomics and comfort are central to the design, so employees can get through “a day full of meetings” effortlessly.

The headset is certified for Teams and Zoom. In the former case, it’s Open Office-qualified. In other words, even the noisiest work environments should not be a problem for the ANC present. Also, the battery lasts quite a while: Dell claims that a listening time of 78 hours can be achieved, although the actual duration depends on usage.

Een paar zwarte hoofdtelefoons op een witte achtergrond.
The charging station for the wireless headset. Source: Dell Technologies

The Pro/5000 models are available starting at 109.99 euros (wired, i.e., the version known by WH5024) and 207.99 euros (wireless, WL5024). In addition, new ear cushions are available for 22.39 euros and the charging station costs 47.99 euros.

Also 3000 series

In addition to these AI-powered products, Dell is introducing the WH3024 and WL3024. These headsets are one step cheaper: the wired WH3024 is available for 63.99 euros, while the wireless WL3024 can be purchased for 159.99 euros. These are “user-friendly headsets” intended for a working day “without too much fuss.” So those not looking for AI functionality can still turn to Dell.

Dell pc-headset met microfoon op een witte achtergrond.
The WL3024 headset. Source: Dell Technologies

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