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Rumour has it that Google is working on a Chrome OS tablet. It would not only run on Chrome OS, but might also support Windows 10. That’s what the 9to5Google team discovered in code that appeared on Chromium.

According to 9to5Google there is a reference to Windows 10 in code on Chromium. The advent of the Chrome OS tablet is not in itself a certainty, but rumours have been around for some time now. Now we hear that Chrome OS is not the only operating system available in Google’s Pixel devices in the future.

New Commitment

Over the past few months, we have regularly heard rumours about a Chromebook that could start not only Chrome OS, but also Windows 10. So far, only one device that can do this has been released, namely the Pixelbook. But it seems that in the future other devices will also have this possibility.

Last July a commit appeared on Chromium which shows that testing is done with a second Windows 10-chrome device. Reference is made to the Nocturne, which according to 9to5Google is a reference to the Google Pixel Slate. That device has yet to be announced, but would be coming soon.

Get Windows 10 working

Important in the code that was found is in any case the remark that Windows 10 shows a BSOD at startup [] which is due to the way it is now set up. A previous commit contained just different text: I’m dealing with an OS that can’t start because of the way it’s put together now. What’s clear is that there’s a developer in Google who’s working on getting Windows 10 up and running anyway.

That doesn’t mean that the Google Pixel Slate also has a dual-boot capability, like the Pixelbook has. However, it is clear that Google is working on broader support for Windows 10 on its Chromebooks. On the 9th of October, the company will hold a new hardware event, which is expected to include at least new Pixel phones, a tablet and a new Chrome Convertible.

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