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Dell announces that it has detected a security breach on its systems earlier this month. The attack was detected in time and nipped in the bud. According to current information, no data were stolen.

Dell discovered unauthorized activity on its network on November 9th, where the attackers attempted to access Dell.com and DellPremier.com customer data. DellEMC.com and DellTechnologies.com were not affected. According to the company, these are only names, e-mail addresses and hacked passwords.

Although it is possible that some of this information has been removed from the Dell network, our research has not found convincing evidence that information was stolen, it sounds in a statement.

Password reset

Dell said it took immediate action to prevent the attack and informed the police. It also called in an external company for a digital forensic investigation. On 14 November, it performed a password reset for all customers. According to Reuters, no mention was made of the fact that it was the result of a security breach.

The company found that there were no legal requirements to report the incident, but with the confidence of the customer in mind decided to do so, according to a source to Reuters. The fact that it has waited so long is, according to the company, because it wanted to wait for the findings of the forensic research firm.

It is not clear how many accounts are involved in the infringement. Dell didn’t want to communicate numbers. It would be imprudent to publish potential figures if there were possibly none, says a spokesman to ZDNet. However, the company stresses that financial information was never compromised.

While Dell minimizes the impact of the breach, it encourages customers who use the same password on other sites to change their passwords.

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