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Apple: curved iPad Pro 2018 simply meets all requirements

Apple: curved iPad Pro 2018 simply meets all requirements

There’s been a lot of activity around Apple’s new iPad Pro lately. Some users reported that their device seemed to be slightly bent. But Apple didn’t want to replace it. In a letter to users, the company now states that a slightly curved device is simply possible and will be the result of certain production processes.

The 9to5Mac site received an e-mail from Apples senior vice president of hardware engineering, Dan Riccio, via one of its readers. He writes to users that the new iPad Pro meets or exceeds all of Apple’s high quality design and precision manufacturing requirements. The company would assemble all devices with great care.

Very small deviation

According to Riccio, the new iPad Pro can have a maximum deviation of 400 microns. That’s tighter than previous generations. The deviation of the apparatus may then reach less than half a millimetre and, according to Riccio, is less than four sheets of a4 laid on top of each other. The abnormality will also not increase if people use the product normally. And: these small deviations in no way affect the functioning of the device.

According to the site 9to5Mac the deviation is due to the production process of the iPad Pro. It has to do with the way in which certain metals and plastic parts cool down during the production process. The deviation can therefore occur on both the 11- and the 12.9-inch version of the device. The 4G version seems to have the most problems with it, because it has a plastic antenna line on the back.

The new iPad Pro 2018 has no home button for the first time. The device has an 11- or 12.9-inch screen and is only 5.9mm thick. The screen edges are relatively narrow, partly due to the absence of the home button. Furthermore, the iPad runs on an Apple A12X Bionic chip and the device is for sale from 899 euros.

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