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Does the rise of 3D printing affect the demand for traditional printing?

Does the rise of 3D printing affect the demand for traditional printing?

3D printing is very popular nowadays. Not everyone has a 3D printer yet, but this is not expected to take long. The development of 3D printing is very fast. There are many companies that already own a 3D printer. Does this change anything for traditional printing or not? At the moment, 3D printing hardly affects the demand for traditional printing. Below you can read why traditional printing is still very popular today and how it will be in the future.

Other purposes

To start with, 3D printing is used for very different purposes than the regular form of printing. For example, 3D printers are mainly used to make toys and other objects, while in traditional printing, for example, advertising printed matter is produced. For example, you can’t use a 3D printer for the administration either. A traditional printer is still necessary for this kind of business. Because the 3D printer is used for other purposes, it has little influence on the demand for traditional printing.

Another cost

3D printing might be interesting to experience, for example, promotional items. However, there is a very different cost involved. While the traditional printer requires only occasional cartridges, a 3D printer also requires you to constantly buy the right material. This ensures that the costs are much higher. For the quick distribution of advertising, the traditional printer remains the most suitable. Also the 3D printer itself is generally a lot more expensive, especially if you want a good printer.

3D printing is slower

While regular printing can be done very quickly nowadays, with a 3D printer this is just a little bit different. Printing with the 3D printer takes a lot longer. Products cannot yet be made at high speed, at least not yet with the printers you buy as a consumer. If you need to print a lot, the traditional printer is still the best choice.

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At the moment, the 3D printer does not pose any danger to the traditional printer at all. However, this does not mean that the 3D printer is useless. On the contrary, the 3D printer is a wonderful invention that can be of great use to us as a society. Traditional printing, however, is used for completely different purposes. Moreover, 3D printing is also in its infancy. Maybe in the future, 3D printing will have a little influence on the demand for traditional printing, for example by producing promotional items.

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