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On average, 72 percent of tablets and handheld devices in businesses run Android. That’s what Panasonic Business’ research shows. Smartphones are not included in that number. In addition, 60 per cent of buyers say that the operating system is becoming increasingly integrated into their organisation.

The use of Android is therefore expected to increase. The majority also expect this growth to continue over the next three years. Companies choose Android for its flexibility (59 percent), security (58 percent) and affordability (52 percent).

Still, companies think that the devices with the operating system should be patched much more. This is expected to be an average of four times a year, more than is currently the case. The way in which security patches are performed also varies. For example, 66 percent say they rely on the IT department, while 38 percent use a Mobile Device Management solution. A further 30 percent use the firmware updates, 23 percent trust the user, 22 percent use an IT support company and 16 percent work with a reseller.

On average, companies update their Android devices five times a year. They also expect the supplier of the device to support the operating system for up to three years after the end of the device’s life.


Mobile buyers also expect various features on their Android business device. For example, 50 percent expect an operating system that can be customized to meet business requirements. 47 percent expect Android for Work, 41 percent expect a policy management tool or a firmware update console.

Improved support for Android security (37 percent), inclusion of certified third-party security solutions (35 percent), and free out-of-the-box productivity and management apps (35 percent) are also mentioned.

However, according to Jan Kaempfer, General Manager for Marketing at Panasonic Mobile Solutions Business Division Europe, it is important that buyers recognize that not all Android mobile devices are equal. “They need to take a close look at the management and security functionality offered by their vendor and their Android engineering experience. Using the latest updates and management consoles, IT departments can save a lot of time and money by automating their updates by choosing the right device with the right management and security features.”

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